Shefali Goyal – Our Chief Editor & Visionary!

Shefali Goyal – Our Chief Editor & Visionary! is one of the best platforms to find the best online casinos that accept Indian currency. We research, analyze, and self-test all the casino sites to make sure they are genuine and safe. 

It all started with Shefali Goyal, the real mastermind behind our site. Her organizational skills have helped our company to grow rapidly in the past two years. Shefali along with other casino experts makes sure our local players get the right information about gambling sites.

Ms. Goyal is a dedicated, professional expertise with a sound knowledge of casino games, strategies, casino software providers, and legal casino sites.

Keep reading to know in-depth about Shefali Goyal!

Hi! I am Shefali Goyal

Personal Information

  • Born on: 24.01.1992
  • Education: Masters in Psychology
  • Job Designation: Chief Editor of
  • Best Casino game: Blackjack & Poker
  • Biggest Casino Winning: INR 21,000/-

Top Articles!

My Biography: How did I become a chief editor?

Greetings to India! To begin with, I am Shefali Goyal from Bangalore and completed my master’s in Psychology in 2006. Writing has always been my passion since my school days. From writing in diaries to starting a blog, and then a chief editor at prodesicasinos; my journey has been incredible. 

It was during my graduation when we(a group of friends) planned to visit Goa beaches and casinos.  I was so fascinated by the glitz and blitz of casinos, and casino games, that I decided to research more on casinos. 

While exploring online, I encountered many online casino sites that accept International players and give them a fair opportunity to earn real money. Unfortunately, at that time the Indian audience was not even totally aware of the Internet.

So slowly over time, when technology and the internet merged; things got quite easier for potential players to try their luck in online casino games. Let me tell you that the Indian gambling Industry is worth millions at present.

It’s 2023 now, and Indian gambling laws are still years old. So taking into account all the factors and considerations, I found playing on International betting sites or gambling sites is one of the safest decisions.

Luckily I met with Yogendra Singh, and hence we decided to work on this project. From a team of 2 casino enthusiasts to 21 now; we look forward to sharing reliable information with our local audience.

Trust us! We only recommend and list safe gambling sites here that promote responsible gambling.

My key responsibilities: What do I do?

My passion for casinos and gambling is totally justified for the post of chief editor. I follow the SWOT analysis approach to find the best online casino platforms for Indian players. As an editor, I have to have a macro perspective and think both as a casino operator and a casino player. Evaluating hundreds of gambling sites to find the top #10 or top #5 is one challenging task especially when a lot of people rely upon you. My activities include

✅ To check whether or not the casino operator is legal and licensed.

✅ To find the best games provided by top casino software providers.

✅ To make sure all the casino games are fair and use RNG technology.

✅ To recommend gambling sites that offer quality welcome bonus offers.

My views on gambling in India

Though gambling has always been a part of Indian culture since ancient times. But still, the government is not ready to make amendments and liberalize the gambling laws. India is still following the PGA, 1867 act that strictly bans all forms of gambling activities throughout all the states. 

But there is an advantage too! The age-old PGA,1867 doesn’t mention or state any laws for laying at online casinos. 

Over time, a few states like Goa, and Sikkim have taken the initiative to allow online as well as offline gambling within their state boundaries. Rest, it is illegal in other states.

So, the only solution is to pick and play at international gambling that is safe, legal, and licensed by top gaming authorities such as Malta, UKGC, Gibraltar, etc.

Don’t worry! We have a huge library of top Indian casino sites at prodesicasinos. Compare the features, and bonuses, and register on your favorite one.

Ask me Anything!

I am fond of playing skill-based games such as live blackjack and live poker tournaments. As the chances of winning are better, I have earned huge profits many times ranging from INR1000/- to INR 20,000/- The winning payout depends on the size of your bet. So you have to stake more to earn more.

When gambling, keep in mind that some days are not lucky days. You don’t have to win every time. Be prepared for the losses and don’t chase wins. You‘ll end up regretting and losing all the money. Remember, gambling gives the best results when played light-heartedly.

Although I have tried almost all the casino games. Among all, my favorites are card games. Be it Teen Patti, Texas Hold ’em, or Blackjack; once I have joined the table, I won’t leave my seat easily. 

I usually prefer live casino games over RNG games. Playing live is more fun, thrilling, and entertaining if you already know the rules and betting options. Plus there is no way of cheating or getting cheated with 360-degree multi-camera views.