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Gambling Laws in Andhra Pradesh

Since gambling is a taboo topic in India and many people believe it to be the root cause of all evil, gambling is banned in many Indian states.

Unfortunately, Andhra Pradesh is also affected by this. The gambling laws are strict and you of course do not want to land in any legal trouble. 

In this article, we’ll look more closely at the condition of real money online gaming in Andhra Pradesh.

Last Updated on 20 Sep 2023 by Yogendra Singh

How to Gamble from Andhra Pradesh?

Now, physical gambling is banned in Andhra Pradesh. However, players can still gamble from Andhra Pradesh. Don’t worry we will not tell you any shady way to gamble—that is not what we support here at ProDesiCasinos.

So how can you gamble from Andhra Pradesh? It’s simple. You can gamble online!

By signing up at your favorite foreign online casino sites you can enjoy a great gambling session—right from the comfort of your house. If you do it, you’re still doing it at your own risk.

Is Gambling Legal in Andhra Pradesh?

As much as we hate to say it, the answer is no. It is not legal for a person to gamble in Andhra Pradesh. When gambling is prohibited in an Indian state, there are typically exceptions for real money online gaming. Simply said, digital devices or cyberspace aren’t mentioned in outdated gaming legislation.

There is good news though. Andhra Pradesh has amended its gambling laws in 2020. This made online gambling illegal. However, we are yet to find someone who has been held for playing at a foreign online casino site.

Gambling Laws in Andhra Pradesh

In 2014, Telangana separated itself from Andhra Pradesh. Since then, this state has been on its own. This means that different laws prevail in these two states. 

The Andhra Pradesh of Gaming Act, 1974 was developed with minimal changes to the original gaming law that AP had in place.

Initially, the gaming act was quite similar to those of other Indian states, making it clear that gambling establishments and games of chance were unlawful while permitting wagers on horse races.

The Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Act, 2020, would alter this.

But what is the Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Act?

The state amended the current gambling regulations in response to the rise in online gambling in Andhra Pradesh during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prohibitions on the following were introduced in this amendment:

any type of internet betting or gambling involving real money.

any physical gaming and betting activities using actual money. Horse racing is the one exception to this rule.

Andhra Pradesh no longer distinguishes between games of skill and games of chance, to put it another way. Anything that is played for actual money is prohibited.

Casinos in Visakhapatnam

The capital city of Visakhapatnam does not have any casinos, as you might have predicted. This is because offline gambling is illegal here.

There will be underground gambling dens where one can gamble, as there are in pretty much all major Indian towns. Be wary though, as visiting these places is prohibited and they frequently have ties to illicit enterprises.

Lottery in Amaravati

A casino in Amaravati won’t be easy to find, just like in Visakhapatnam, because real money gaming and betting are prohibited throughout the entire state.

Traveling to a more liberal state like Kerala, where lotteries are permitted and online gambling is unrestricted, is the greatest option for residents of Amaravati.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of traveling? Your best option is to play at online casinos from the comfort of your home.

Lottery in Andhra Pradesh

There are a total of thirteen states in India and Andhra Pradesh is not a part of the thirteen states that offer lottery. Telangana also does not offer a lottery.

Since gambling laws are strict in India, this may not come as a surprise for you. 

This means that you cannot purchase online lottery tickets physically. Now you might think that you can purchase these tickets online but we are sad to inform you that even that is illegal in India.

Sports Betting in Andhra Pradesh

In Sikkim and Meghalaya sports betting can be done legally. There are no other Indian states where this can be done. 

As a result, in Andhra Pradesh as well players cannot bet on any sports. Betting on fantasy sports like Dream11 is also not allowed.

The fact that AP does not distinguish between games of skill and games of chance is not the reason that sports betting is prohibited in Andhra Pradesh.

The problem in this state is the exchange of money. You may still watch your preferred teams and sports legally, simply without making bets on them.

Horse Racing in Andhra Pradesh

Indians are permitted to wager on horse racing, making it a unique activity in their country. Horse racing wagering is seen by the Indian government as requiring expertise and as such is a game of skill.

As already mentioned, Andhra Pradesh doesn’t distinguish between skill and chance, but horse racing is still permitted. Only bets placed at the racetrack on the day of the race are permitted.

Status on Poker, Flush, Rummy and Other Card Games

The status of card games is also similar to other games mentioned above. If a card game involves money (basically betting) you cannot play it. No matter if you are playing with pals at home or using a mobile casino app, it is illegal for players to win real money.

However, free versions of card games are frequently available on online casino sites. To play these, you don’t even need an account!


With its most recent revision, Andhra Pradesh has moved to the top of the list of the Indian states with the greatest online gambling restrictions.

Similar changes have been enacted in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, making it difficult for Indian gamblers to access these places.

We hope that states like these will change their minds and see that there are other options for reducing gambling-related issues. Gamblers from AP are still permitted to do so until then, but at their own risk.