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Gambling Laws in Himachal Pradesh

The beautiful state of the hills, Himachal Pradesh, is not just popular for its tourism but also for the number of gamblers that come out here. 

Gambling is not just limited to playing in local villages, this state now relies on a modification to the national laws that permits online gamblers to enjoy their preferred games without problems. The change is based on the Public Gambling Act, 1867.

Last Updated on 20 Sep 2022 by Yogendra Singh

How to Gamble from Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is not anarchic, so there are still some rules to follow when gambling from here. We’ll talk about these rules further in this guide.

For now, you need a reliable internet connection and a digital device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, to gamble from Himachal Pradesh. You’ve got all this? Perfect! You’ll have the best time gambling now.

Most essential, you need to make sure that you aren’t playing poker in a “gaming house,” as it is against the law.

Is it legal to gamble in Himachal Pradesh?

As much as we would love for the answer to be a big “YES”, it is not. Himachal Pradesh, just like all law-abiding states of India, follows the national Public Gambling Act. According to this act, the games of skills are legal but games of chance are not.

And most gambling games, at least our favourite ones, are games of chance. 

There’s good news though! This gambling law does not say anything about gambling online—not in brick-and-mortar gambling venues.

What does this mean? It means that you can gamble at online casinos as much as you’d like and you’ll not land in any legal trouble!

Gambling Laws in Himachal Pradesh

The Public Gambling (Himachal Pradesh Amendment) Act, 1976, which was heavily influenced by the Public Gambling Act, 1867, sets the rules for gambling in Himachal Pradesh.

Since both of these acts say nothing about online gambling, you’ll easily be able to gamble online—without any risks.

But what is the Public Gambling Act, 1976?

Two key aspects of the Himachal Pradesh Act, 1976, which contrasts with the Public Gambling Act, of 1867, are as follows:

The Himachal Pradesh Gambling Act has no bearing on games of skill.

The Himachal Pradesh Act, 1976 specifies fines and prison terms in more detail for first-, second-, and third-time offenders.

None of the Acts make reference to online gambling or the fact that it would be illegal to gamble online as long as it was not done from a gaming establishment.

Casinos in Shimla

Shimla residents can enjoy casino entertainment as much as they like in the Himachal Pradesh capital. Just because you cannot gamble in online casinos that are present physically, does not mean you cannot gamble at all.

There are many online casinos that welcome Shimla players, and most of them provide secure payment options as well as local casino games like Andar Bahar and 3 Patti Paytm Cash.

Lottery in Dharamshala

Given that Dharamshala is the second capital of Himachal Pradesh, it is not surprising that there are excellent online gambling alternatives here as well. Unfortunately, no brick and mortar casinos are available in Dharamshala too. 

Since there aren’t any actual casinos in Dharamshala, you may play thousands of casino games online from the comfort of your home if your internet connection is good.

Lotteries in Himachal Pradesh

The thirteen Indian states that conduct a legitimate state lottery do not include Himachal Pradesh. Despite this, you may still watch some of the greatest lottery drawings from this location!

How? Of course, by buying online lottery tickets!

You can purchase lottery tickets through these online lotteries for the EuroMillions, Powerball, and a variety of other lottery drawings that could result in you instantly becoming a crorepati!

Sports Betting in Himachal Pradesh

You’ll be glad to learn that citizens in Himachal Pradesh can access some of the greatest online sports betting sites in the world if they live in India!

You can easily access the most recent cricket odds on websites like 10CRIC and Betway. Online betting is available for the IPL as well as for any other league or game. safely, legally, and equitably.

Horse Racing in Himachal Pradesh

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, wagering on horse races is permitted in Himachal Pradesh. Horse racing wagers must be placed at the track or a licensed betting booth.

However, given that 2020 was a challenging year for all of India owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, there isn’t much information on local horse racing and prospective betting at this time.

However, there are still international online sportsbooks where you can place a wager on horse racing.

Status of card games like rummy, poker, flush, and others

The majority of card games, including Teen Patti, Baccarat, and Blackjack, are regarded as games of chance. This means that these games cannot be gambled offline. Yet, despite being forbidden to be played physically in Himachal Pradesh, they are nonetheless accessible online.

Rummy, on the other hand, has been recognized as a game of skill and is so permitted. Just keep in mind that gambling in a “gaming-house” is illegal, regardless of whether the game is one of skill or chance. So, if you are a rummy admirer you’ll be able to play it online.

For any card game action, we advise you to play it safe and select one of the real money online casinos we have listed here at ProDesiCasinos. We select all online casinos after careful review. Our recommended casinos will have top-notch safety measures, a great variety of popular games as well as many payment options.


One of the Indian states “fortunate” with antiquated gambling regulations is Himachal Pradesh, which makes playing casino games very simple for us.

Nowadays, the majority of individuals own a smartphone or computer, so all you need to add is a secure payment option.

Choose one that is well-known, like Paytm or UPI, and you may start taking advantage of everything that online casinos have to offer!