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Gambling Laws in Karnataka

Despite its repeated efforts, the state of Karnataka has once again not been able to lift the ban on gambling in Karnataka. Recently, the attempt was struck down in the All India Gaming Federation vs. the State of Karnataka.

Does this mean you cannot gamble from Karnataka at all? Absolutely not. While games like poker and rummy have their own rules, online gambling and online lottery tickets are still available to the residents of Karnataka.

We have compiled this guide to help you navigate through the confusing scene of gambling in Karnataka and find out ways to gamble.

Last Updated on 3 Sep 2023 by Yogendra Singh

Is Gambling legal in Karnataka?

Yes and no. Confusing, right? Let us explain this to you.

Gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos is banned according to the M.J Sivani and Ors vs. State of Karnataka and Ors on 17 April 1995 case. However, these gambling laws say nothing about gambling online.

This is why players from Karnataka are free to gamble online. So, if you’re looking to gamble from the comfort of your home in Karnataka, you can do it online! 

However, gambling online comes with its own risks too. For example, you may end up playing a scam website and lose all your hard-earned money. To prevent any such things from happening, we always recommend the safest online casinos with facilities such as safe payment methods, quick withdrawals, and lots of options to choose from.

Gambling Laws in Karnataka

The Gambling Laws in Karnataka are governed by Karnataka Police Act, 1963, and Public Gambling Act, 1867. These laws are ancient, and they state that gambling is illegal in Karnataka.

In case you’re not aware, here’s a brief overview of the Karnataka Police Act. According to this act, setting up gambling houses in Karnataka is illegal. Apart from this, gambling or even being present at a gambling house is cause for arrest and imprisonment. 

Still nothing about online gambling in these two laws.

When you look at the Information Technology Act of 2000, it also says nothing about the ban on online gaming sites in India. Moreover, over the years, no person has ever been held guilty of gambling online.

How can you gamble from Karnataka?

The first thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of location, local gambling is illegal in Karnataka. It adheres to the antiquated Indian Public Gambling Act of 1867. 

You cannot gamble from the state of Karnataka as a result of this change. You risk up to three years in prison or an Rs. 1 lakh fine if you break this law. What does this leave you with? Online casinos.

Online casinos from other countries are the only method to play games without worrying about legal snags. To help you choose the best Indian online casino sites, we have compiled an elaborate list for you!

Top Casinos in Bangalore

You won’t find many vendors that offer gambling services. The few that exist only offer Rummy or Poker games. Not to mention, the rules here are strict. 

If you want to fully enjoy playing some gambling games, online casinos are your best bet. You get a complete experience of a brick and mortar casino, and you’ll not even have to worry about landing into legal trouble.

Even though Bangalore is a hub for gamblers from all over India because of the availability and lax rules, other online casino sites are more user-friendly and safer.

Top Casinos in Mangalore

Mangalore is a smaller city as compared to Bangalore, so naturally, the gambling scene isn’t as widespread. Just like in other parts of Karnataka, gambling is banned, but one can always enjoy online gambling because the Public Gambling Act is not strict about it. 

Residents can enjoy games such as Rummy, Poker, and Horse Racing.

Lottery in Karnataka

The state of lotteries is a weird place in Karnataka. It is exempted from the Karnataka Police Act 1963, but it is also illegal. Since it is a grey area, we’d say that you should purchase your lottery tickets only from foreign online lottery sites. These sites allow you to participate in some of the largest draws of the world, like the Powerball.

Sports Betting in Karnataka

Legalizing sports betting in India has been hotly contested for many years. Unfortunately, betting on sports results is prohibited by the Public Gaming Act of 1867, which views such wagering as a game of chance.

Bengaluru, on the other hand, is India’s most important location for cricket betting, where bets are placed through illegal bookmakers. However, this is not the right way to go about it. 

You could land in serious trouble if you’re caught betting with these illegal bookmakers. When you’re just looking to have fun, you surely would not want to invite legal trouble.

We advise visiting a foreign casino if you want to bet on sports while you are in Karnataka because they have the best odds and safe payment methods—and follow the world’s most strict regulations.

Horse Race Betting in Karnataka

Karnataka might as well be the hub of horse race betting because The Bangalore Race Course and the Mysore Race Course are two of the most well-known horse racing tracks in India—and these are located in Karnataka.

Both the Mysore Race Club and the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) have their own clubs. Through these clubs, horse racing is permitted in accordance with the Mysore Race Courses Licensing Act of 1952.

Bets can be placed at the racetracks or any of the state’s off-site Turf Points. Even races that are held outside of Karnataka can be gambled on from this location.

So, if you’re into horse race betting, you’re sorted!


It is evident that gambling of any kind is not a simple matter in India because the regulations are antiquated and unfit for purpose. Online casinos can offer games to people in a way that no state can, but things still need to change.

You may play hundreds or even thousands of games on overseas gambling sites while using safe payment methods like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe.

While there are land-based casinos in Karnataka that provide poker and rummy, they are not entirely secure. They are not routinely audited by impartial auditors to guarantee fairness. In other words, playing online is a no-brainer.