Play At The Best Online Baccarat In India

Play At The Best Online Baccarat In India

Online baccarat might seem a little complicated at the start, but it’s a very simple casino game—that’s also super fun to play. Whether you’re looking to test the waters of the best online baccarat casinos in India or you’re looking to gain more knowledge, you’re in the right place. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’d be able to play the wonderful live baccarat game like an expert. Let’s dive in!

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Last Updated on 25 Aug 2022 by Yogendra Singh

Top 12 Real Money Baccarat Casinos in India

If you’re new to the world of online casinos, you probably have no idea of where to play online Baccarat. Don’t worry because we have got you covered. The top 12 online baccarat sites in India include the following:

Casino Features Welcome Offer Play Now

✅ India’s largest selection of casino games ranging from table games, online slots, live casinos, and several others.

✅ User-friendly online casino making gambling easy and hassle free.

✅ Easy and fast account creation process. You can easily set up an account in 2 minutes.

LeoVegas offers you a welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹80,000.

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✅ A variety of casino games are available.

✅ A large number of payment options to choose from including Google Pay.

An incredible welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹1,20,000.

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✅ Unique online casino for Indians.

✅ A wonderful list of casino games.

✅ Wonderful customer support service through WhatsApp.

✅ Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and several other Indian games.

Wonderful welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹90,000 with a live casino free bet of ₹1,500.

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✅ Amazing live casino with professional dealers.

✅ High-quality casino games from the best game developers.

✅ They provide big progressive jackpots: a million rupees are available for grabs.

Amazing welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹100,000.

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✅ An awesome list of live casino tables.

✅ They’re the most trusted and reliable online casino in India.

✅ Several withdrawal methods are available such as NetBanking, UPI, PhonePe, and lots more.

They offer a welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹90,000.

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✅ User-friendly and modern online casino.

✅ Seasonal casino promos are up for grabs.

✅ An all-day live chat is available.

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✅ Dafabet has the biggest live casino in India.

✅ Easy deposits and withdrawals.

✅ Efficient and Friendly customer service service.

100% up to ₹8,000

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✅ Super helpful, reliable, and fast replying customer service.

✅ Loads of promotions and bonuses are available for grabs.

An amazing welcome bonus of up to 300% live casino bonus is available to new customers

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✅ A wonderful live casino game with a host of their Indian games is available.

✅ Plenty of jackpots with big prizes available to be won.

✅ A fantastic gaming experience due to amazing game quality.

✅ Unique online slot machines.

Up to ₹105,000 in welcome bonus.

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✅ Helpful and Friendly 24/7 Live Chat.

✅ An amazing list of casino games to choose from.

✅ Lots of casino promotions and bonuses.

A welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹25,000

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✅ Accepts Indian rupees as a means of payment.

✅ A 24-hour cast-out policy.

✅ Friendly 24/7 Customer Live Chat.

A welcome bonus of ₹500 no-deposit bonus.

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✅ User-friendly interface.

✅ Fast payment of winnings.

✅ Neteller and Skrill as a payment option.

Welcome bonus of 200% up to ₹24,000

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How to play Baccarat online?

Playing baccarat online gives you the same feeling and vibes as playing baccarat physically but at a minimum amount that won’t hurt your pockets. Even though playing baccarat online might seem a little bit confusing and complicated, it’s among the simplest casino games in India. Here’s a step-by-step guide to playing baccarat online:

Choose a casino from the above listed

There are thousands of online casinos out there. Not all of them deserve your money and time, so we have our best recommendations to pick from. We’ve listed the top 12 best online sites where you can play baccarat legally in India. Just make your choice from the list above.


To be able to play baccarat online you have to signup with whichever site you’ve decided to play from. Signing up would be accompanied by the welcome bonus available for those willing to play with the site you chose. 

When signing up, you will be asked for information such as your full name, date of birth, location, phone number and age. Make sure you provide only correct information to avoid any trouble in the future.

Choose The Baccarat Table

Choosing the baccarat table you’ll be playing with will help you know and give you a proper understanding of what you’re going to be expecting from online baccarat. Different online casinos have different table options, make sure you check for previews.

Choose The Baccarat Table

Deposit The Money

To be able to begin playing baccarat online, you have to make your first deposit into your casino account using the payment methods accepted by the casino site. Ensure your first deposit is not more than the minimum deposit to resist the urge of staking more if you lose the amount you deposited. Be mindful of your budget when making a deposit.

Play & Win

Ensure you properly study the baccarat game before staking money. Study the gameplay and the strategies involved. After the proper study, you can choose your game, the amount you’re willing to stake, and start playing to win; it’s quite important that you don’t forget the rules.

Withdraw The Winning

There are various options available to cash out your winnings such as bank transfer, Skrill, and Neteller, amongst others. Your preferred casino site would provide several services to enable you to withdraw your winnings at ease. 

We also have a Jhandi Munda and Andar Bahar guide that you can read.

Online baccarat rules to play at Indian casinos

Certain baccarat rules guide the gameplay of online baccarat in India. Whilst playing online baccarat, there is the player, tie, and banker which are the three bets, and you can bet on just one of these. The dealer shares the card with the player, the card with the highest value is 9. Any person playing with the number 9 or 8 is the winner, when 9 isn’t present, any number close to 9 earns you victory in baccarat.

The Table

The table is the centre of the unfolding of actions; it has the numbers of 14 players written on it, ranging from 1 to 15 except for 13. Three bet boxes are above the number of each player. The first player gets the player bet box, whilst the second gets the banker bet box and the third is the tie bet box. The player and banker bet boxes are the most competitive ones and tend to win more often than the tie bet box. Each player sees only his bets.

Card Values

Cards like Joker, King, And Queens in baccarat are documented as 0. An ace has the value of 1, while spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs are valueless. The most valued cards are the ones with numbers 2-9. 


You have three choices in a baccarat game: Banker, Player, or Tie. The aim of the game is to place a wager on the hand that comes the closest to a 9. Aces are worth one, while 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are worth their respective numerical value. The value of 10s and image cards like queens and kings is zero.

You discard the first digit if the sum of the hand value is a two-digit number. Therefore, if the Player received a hand of 8+4=12, the point value would be 2. The one is eliminated.

The dealing of a third card will depend on the totals of the hands. No more cards are dealt (referred to as “Standing”) if the Player or Banker has 8 or 9.

The player is dealt a third card (a “Hit”) if they have 5 or less.

Depending on the total of their own hands, the banker must now select what to do. For instance, the Banker draws a third card if they have two cards or less. The Banker draws a third card if they have 3, but not if the Player has 8.

Popular online baccarat variations that you should try

There are many variations of baccarat online, but the most popular variations include:

👉🏼 Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat employs lightning and multiplier as features for a unique twist. Before the commencement of a game round, about 2-5 cards are picked randomly from the deck of 52 decks. The cards drawn already are lightning cards. Unlike the regular online baccarat, 20% has been added to the player’s payouts.

Lightning Baccarat

👉🏼 Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat is similar to the normal traditional online casinos. Speed Baccarat is far faster than expected. Speed baccarat lasts for just 27 seconds. Speed baccarat earns you other benefits as a player and leader. 

Speed Baccarat

👉🏼 No commission Baccarat

In this version, you don’t have to pay any commission to participate. It maintains the same rules as the regular online baccarat. The edges on the banker and player remain the same in no commission Baccarat. However, you only get 50% of your stakes when you win by a banker landing 6.

No commission Baccarat

👉🏼 Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is just the smaller version of online baccarat with the same rules and purpose, however, there are some slight differences. Mini Baccarat is played with just 1 dealer against 3 in a live casino. The tables are smaller with just 7 numbers for 7 players.

Baccarat Side bets

There are several versions of online baccarat induced with side bets just to create more betting opportunities for gamers. There are different side bets available in online casinos they include:

✅ P Pair: Betting on a player to draw a pair.

✅ B Pair: Betting on the banker to draw a pair.

✅ Either Pair: Betting that either the banker or player will draw a pair.

✅ Super 6: Betting that the Banker will win the round with a 6-pointer.

✅ Perfect Pair: Betting that the player or banker is dealt with the same cards in one suit.

Essential baccarat Strategies

There are basic strategies that guarantee your winning at an online baccarat game. If you employ the strategies well, you might just keep on winning. Herein are some essential strategies;

Avoid “Tie Bet”

A tie bet is a bet wherein both the banker and player boxes get the same points In a baccarat game. This is rare, but when a tie bet happens you get to lose 14.4 units of the 100 units you staked. You need to avoid a tie bet as well as you can.

Go With The Banker

The banker is usually the best bet in an online baccarat game. Online casinos deduct just 1.17 units of every unit of 100 units you staked on banker bets, and most times the banker wins. In terms of pay, the banker usually pays more for every win with 19:20.

What If The Banker Losses?

It’s known that the banker usually wins, and you should keep on playing it. Even if the banker fails to win a couple of funds, keep on playing it in the more rounds you plan on playing. This is because the other bets pay less and have a higher unit loss rate. The banker is your best option, even if you lose.

Be Careful With Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat has a smaller table size, card number, minimum deposit, e.t.c. They’re attractive because they appear simple while playing, however, they can also be dangerous. Mini Baccarat is quite fast with several decisions that can affect your strategy in seconds. You just exercise caution and alternate between player and banker bet, if you want to play mini Baccarat.

Play live baccarat with real dealers

Playing live baccarat with real dealers is quite different from playing baccarat online. At live casino baccarat, you come in contact with several people willing to stake a lot in the game. In live casinos, players are shielded from the normal players, just to focus on their game. 

When playing live online casino Baccarat tables with real dealers, there’s a table where all the fun happens. At this table, there are two dealers on both sides of the bet, a round man doing the card arrangements. 

One of the betters can shuffle the card and drop them on the face down, while the round man raises them and lowers them into each box. The round man then rotates the shoe of cards in-between the betters for them to choose in each round. The dealers then continue regulating the best in each new round.

How is baccarat different from other games?

Baccarat is quite different from other games due to some of its characteristics which include:

✅ It’s Easy to Play

✅ High Chances of Winning

✅ It’s Affordable

Can I get a bonus when playing at best online Baccarat casinos?

There are several betting and online casinos that offer casino bonuses for playing Baccarat online. There are various bonuses which include Deposit Bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Reload Bonus, and Loyalty Rewards. The casinos we recommended have various bonus offers for you.

The process of getting a bonus starts with signing up at the casino. Since it is online Baccarat, you must register at the casino before you can play. Furthermore, making your first deposit also qualifies you to get a bonus offer. Most importantly, you must be aware if there is a need to use a bonus code to claim any of the bonuses. You can find this in the casino terms and conditions.

Baccarat Terminology and road views

✅ Burn – This is the process wherein the first couple of cards (three to six) would be discarded. It normally happens before every round, after shuffling has happened.

✅ Standoff – This is when the banker and player hand results in a tie.

✅ Down Card – This is also called the hole card, it’s when the card is kept facing down when it’s dealt. Its value remains unknown to everyone.

✅ Natural – This is used to refer to the card hand when the first two cards dealt are 8 or 9.

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❓ Can You Win Money Playing Baccarat?

Yes, you can win money while playing baccarat online.

❓ Is Online Baccarat Legal In India?

Yes, online baccarat is legalized in India.

❓ Is Baccarat Like Blackjack?

Baccarat is not like blackjack, baccarat is pure luck while blackjack gives the chance to require strategies.

❓ What Is The Best Card For The Player?

The best card for a baccarat player’s hand is six.

❓ What Is The Best Card For Bankers?

The best card for a baccarat banker is a four.

❓ Can I Bet on Banker Or Player At The Same Time?

No, it’s not permitted.

Final Words

Online Baccarat is an enjoyable game if you get to master it. Not only that, you must play with the best online casino to enjoy the game. Baccarat is a game with different variations. As such, you must choose an online casino that integrates multiple variations which helps you better master the game.

Playing online Baccarat for real money requires you to understand the rudiments of the games. If you’re a newbie or just finding your way around an online Baccarat game, this article is meticulously written to give you the best of knowledge about the game.

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