Play at the Best Online Jhandi Munda Casinos 2021

Jhandi Munda is a traditional dice game that originated from the streets of North-East India. It is also referred to as langur-Burja in Nepal, Bangladesh, etc., and Crown Anchor in other parts of the World.

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You’ll be glad to know that not only international casino games ( roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc.) are played online. But, also Indian traditional games like Teen Patti, Jhandi Munda, and Andar Bahar have successfully hit the online platform.

Isn’t that amazing? And, the credit goes to advanced technology and the digital era. In this article, you’ll get all the details about how to play Jhandi Munda, rules and strategies, the best Jhandi Munda casino sites for live and real money.

Get ready to explore Jhandi Munda Online!

Jhandi Munda

Terms used in Jhandi Munda

Terms Description
Flag Symbol on a side of dice.
Crown symbol on side of dice.
Spade symbol on one side of dice.
Langur ( a Hindi Term)
Refers to Anchor
Hukum ( a Hindi term)
It indicates the Club symbol on one side of the dice.
Paan ( a Hindi term)
It indicates the Heart symbol on a side of the dice.
Eent ( a Hindi term)
It refers to the diamond symbol on dice.
Hot symbols
The symbols that appear more often
Cold Symbols
The signs that rarely show up.
The one who organizes and announces the bets and winners.
Who places bets on outcomes of 6 rolled dice.

What is Jhandi Munda?

Also referred to as Crown Anchor; it is a dice game played with six symbols on six sides of each dice. Jhandi indicates the flag symbol on dice whereas Munda represents the crown symbol on dice. 

All the dices are rolled together in a single game session and the players have to place wagers on the outcome of the symbol that is more likely to appear. Six symbols are heart, spade, club, diamond, Jhandi, and Munda. Look at the overview of the Jhandi Munda table.

Total players

Minimum 1, Maximum 6





Type of Game



Prediction, Strategies

RTP (%) in Online Jhandi Munda

The chances of winning in Jhandi Munda are 48-52. That means the odds of winning already favours the players. RTP  of 97.14% offered in online Jhandi Munda is irresistible with a lower house of 2.86%. Still, confused?  there are no reasons that one should not play Jhandi Munda for real money.

Rules & Terms to play Online Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a 6 dice game that is quite similar to the Ludo game. But despite numbers( 1 to 6) in ludo, symbols are used. A total of 6 dices are rolled ina single game session with 6 different signs on each side of the dice; that means a total of 36 symbols. Six symbols are Jhandi(Flag), Munda( Face), Spade, Club, Diamond and Heart. Bets are placed on your choice of symbols that you think are more likely to appear face-up. You have to predict the number of times a symbol will appear more often on all the dice.
  • Rule 1: All the dices are rolled together in one go by the dealer/Host-only.
  • Rule 2: Place single/Multiple Bets before/ same moment when dices are rolled.
  • Rule 3: You can increase/decrease your bet before the results are announced.
  • Rule 4: Instant payouts are credited to your account.

Why you should play online Jhandi Munda?

Online Jhandi Munda adds much more fun and entertainment to the game round. Not only you can place multiple bets at a time but also increase/decrease bet amounts at any time.

Playing online allows you to pick your lucky numbers manually or through RNG( random number generator). If you are not confident enough to bet with real money. You can also opt to play in demo mode without spending any real money. You can play online Jhandi Munda in three different ways:

Online Jhandi Munda

In this version, it’s the pre-installed software that works like a virtual dealer. Once you hit the start button; a user interface will be available to place bets. Whether you won or lose; the result will be displayed ion your screen.

Live/In-play Jhandi Munda

The most fascinating and exciting version of Jhandi Munda. A live dealer is available to announce all the bets and roll the dices on the table. A live chat window is there to interact with the dealer and other players.

Download Jhandi Munda App

Several apps are available online that you can easily download on your mobile phones. The apps support different operating systems like iOS and Android. You can also access the casino sites through your mobile browser.

The Potential Payouts in Jhandi Munda

The RTP or payouts may vary slightly from casino to casino. Playing online is much more beneficial than playing on the streets and can earn you lots of real money. Once you have learned the rules to play Jhandi Munda, we know you can win huge payouts. Look at the progressive payouts offered in online Jhandi Munda.

  • For 1 Jhandi, the payout is original bet + x1 times the placed amount
  • For 2 Jhandi, the payout is original bet + x2 times the placed amount
  • for 3 Jhandi, the payout is original bet +  x3 times the placed amount
  • For 4 Jhandi, the payout is original bet + x4 times the placed amount
  • for 5 Jhandi, the payout is original bet  + x5 times the placed amount
  • For 6 Jhandi, the payout is original bet  + x6 times the placed amount

Variations of Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is quite similar to Sic Bo, a Chinese casino game. There aren’t many variations of Jhandi Munda available except the betting structure. There are two variations of Jhandi Munda available online:

  • Basic & Primary Version
  • Version with Fixed RTP 

RTP( return to player) may vary from casino to casino. Some casinos offer a fixed RTP ( generally 3.4X your original bet for a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 face-up symbols).

It’s simple more symbols ( Jhandi, Munda etc.) you bet on, the more you’ll earn. We have already mentioned the payouts for betting on the number of symbols.

For an instance, if you bet on 3 symbols, you’ll get an instant payout of 3 X bet size, bet on 4 symbols will get you a payout of  4 X bet size and so on.

Our Tips & Strategies to Win Jhandi Munda

No doubt Jhandi Munda is a game of luck/Chance. Once you have experienced playing some game rounds of Jhandi Munda; you’ll get to know the repeated game patterns and safe bets. Thus increasing your winning odds.

  • Tip #1:  Recognize the hot( appears consistently) & cold symbols (do not appear often). Avoid placing bets on cold symbols.
  • Tip #2: Maintain your bankroll; Fix your maximum & minimum wagering limits before the game begins.
  • Tip #3: Gamble  Responsibly. Do not stack your whole money in a single bet.
  • Tip #4: Do not chase the losses; you’ll end up losing all money.
  • Tip #5: If you are a beginner, start with a demo round to know the gambling environment and gambling pattern.


Is it legal to play online Jhandi Munda in India?

Yes, Jhandi Munda is absolutely legal and safe to play online. All you need to do is to make sure that your selected casino site is based out of India to play freely. As Indian gaming act, 1857 doesn’t hold any control over online casino games.

How to win at online Jhandi Munda?

No doubt, Jhandi Munda is a game of chance but if used some skills; you can win more often. Try to place smart bets on hot symbols( that appears more often) and avoid betting on cold symbols( that rarely appears).

Where can I play Jhandi Munda for real money?

You can visit Betway, LeoVegas, Pure casinos, Spin casinos to play Jhandi Munda for real money, live and free. New users are rewarded with great benefits such as Welcome bonuses & promotional offers etc.

Can I play Jhandi Munda from the mobile app?

Of course yes! You can easily download the Jhandi Munda Apps from your Play stores or app stores. It will hardly take your 4-5 minutes to place bets once you have learned the basics of Jhandi Munda.

Which is the best site to play online Jhandi Munda?

Jeetwin, Jungleraja are the best online casino platforms to play online Jhandi Munda and earn real money benefits.

Final Words

Do not get confused with many names of Jhandi Munda like Langur Burja or Crown-Anchor. The style and rules remain the same. Yes, there may be slight changes in the winning payouts.

Adding to this, let us tell you that Sic bo is also a dice game but is different from Jhandi Munda. From rules, payouts to winning strategies; We hope our Jhandi Munda guide has clear all your basics and doubts.

So, get ready to give Jhandi Mundi a try. Just pick any casino like Jeetwin, JungleRaja, PureCasino etc. from our listed best casino sites to play online Jhandi Munda. You’ll not regret it. Enjoy a safe gambling session.