A Beginners Guide to Play Online Bingo in India

Bingo is the most beloved game ever that has won millions of hearts for centuries. You’ll be amazed to know that bingo was first documented in the 1500s.

Bingo is an American version of Tambola. It’s a game of chance with odds of winning as 1:100.

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Online bingo has gained even more popularity than traditional bingo since it was launched by casino operators in 1986.

The rules are pretty simple and easy to grasp in just one go. The clear objective of the game is to tick-off all the squared numbers on the ticket and say BINGO!

Isn’t it funny, entertaining and thrilling at the same time?  Let’s see what this article is all about?

  1. How to play online Bingo in India?
  2. The Best Casinos to Play Live Bingo in India
  3. Different types of Online Bingo
  4. The best bingo sites to play online bingo in India
  5. Our Winning Tips
online bingo

History of Bingo

The name bingo may sound like a modern game, but you’ll be surprised to know that Italians invented this game in the early 1600s. Italian bingo is the original name of bingo.

It is called with many names as beano, lotto, keno, housie-housie, etc, in different countries. In ancient times people use to match their selected numbers with the winning numbers picked from a drum.

The French version on bingo was introduced that used game cards with squared numbers in horizontal and vertical lines. The method of picking numbers from drum was still the same.

It was Americans who copyrighted BINGO and created 6000 different card combinations of the game.

What is Online Bingo?

A ticket is allotted to each player with squared numbers. The operator, in turn, will announce the numbers from a pool of balls numbered from 1 to 75 or 90, that depends on the bingo version.

There are 5 vertical columns and the letters B, I, N, G, O are displayed as one above each column.

Each row is assigned 5 random numbers as 1 to 15 in B column; 16 to 30 in I column; 31 to 45 in N column; 46 to 60 in G column and 61 to 75 column in O column.

The objective of the game is to become the first player to tick off all the numbers.  Make the BINGO by cutting all the numbers horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

What is Online Bingo?

How to play Online Bingo in India?

Bingo is an enticing, light-hearted game with lots of fun. Once you have acquainted the rules; the next considerable factor is to pick the best casino. You can choose any of our listed casinos to start playing online bingo. Below are some steps to learn how to play bingo?
  • Create an account/Register on the casino site.
  • Verify email & Make a deposit.
  • Purchase your Bingo tickets/cards.
  • The Bingo numbers will be called.
  • Choose to daub numbers manually or use the auto-daub feature.
  • Results will be announced after the game session.

Online Bingo Rules

As we said earlier, bingo rules are easy-to-understand and straightforward whether you are playing at online casinos or traditional bingo halls. All it needs is your attention.Take a look!
  • You have to purchase the bingo ticket before the game starts.
  • The game starts on the call of the first number by the operator,
  • Daub/Auto Daub your bingo numbers.
  • Additional prizes are kept for players who mark off 2 lines and a full house edge first.
  • Numbers calling will continue until the winning player is announced.

Online Bingo Vs. Traditional Bingo

You can play and participate in the online lotto games through two possible ways i.e. either via Lottery Agents or Lottery Bookkeepers.

Let’s discuss the difference as both the options are different.

Online Bingo

  • It’s easy to daub or mark-off the numbers online.
  • Your winning lines or house on the bingo ticket will be automatically displayed on the screen.
  • Putting your game on auto-daub mode doesn’t require any extra attention.
  • The card-sorting feature allows you to play as many bingo cards available in online mode.
  • Using a card highlighting feature;the system will alert you by highlighting the card i.e. close to winning.

Traditional Bingo

  • You have to match the pace of the numbers being called by bingo operator
  • You have to shout out in bingo halls to claim your winnings.
  • You need to be more attentive as some other player may claim the prize in case you missed your number.
  • Chances of winning depend on the number of cards a player is using in a single game session.
  • The game is paused in between when someone claims the prize unlike Online version of Bingo.

Different Types Of Bingo

Plenty of bingo variants are available online that makes it even more interesting. The rules to play and winning payouts are almost similar.

The only difference is the total amount of numbers on a single bingo card and the numbers to be called. Let’s get into detail!

There are different types of winnings on bingo cards like line wins, bingo patterns like a diamond, chevron, cross.

90 Ball Bingo

There are a total of 5 columns and 15 squared numbers in a 9X3 grid on a single bingo card. The letters B, I, N, G, O are marked on the 5 columns of the ticket as:
  • B column will have numbers from 1-9
  • I column will have numbers from 10-19
  • N column will have numbers from 20-29
  • G column will have numbers from 30-39
  • O column will have numbers from 81–90
90 Ball Bingo
75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo

In this bingo version, the bingo card has 5 horizontal lines and 5 columns.

B, I, N, G, O letters are written on each column as B on 1st, I on 2nd and so on.

  • B column has 1-15 numbers
  • I column-16-30
  • N column- 31-45
  • G column-46-60
  • O column- 61-75

The numbers are called until the 1-line, 2-line and full house winners are announced.

80-Ball Bingo

The latest addition to the online bingo games. There is a total of 16 numbers on the bingo ticket. The numbers are arranged on the 4×4 grid.

Each column is highlighted in a different colour. There are many winning opportunities like line wins ( horizontally, vertically and diagonally).

Other options are pattern wins and a full house win.

80-Ball Bingo
Slingo Bingo

Slingo Bingo

It’s a unique version of Bingo where 75-ball bingo combined with slots and thus known as Slingo or Slingo bingo.

The numbers on the bingo ticket are arranged on 5X5 grid with a slot reels row at the bottom. The winning depends on your matching pace.

Higher the speed, bigger the bonus! You can also opt to play for free without depositing any money.

The Best Casinos to Play Live Bingo in India

Playing live bingo is even more interesting than RNG-based online bingo where numbers are picked randomly from the drum/pot.

In the live version of Bingo, you get to connect and communicate with a live operator who will pick the balls and many other participants who are competing to win the game.

You can use the bingo chat option to conversate with other players to get the feel of playing at traditional bingo halls.

Isn’t this exciting? Just pick any of our listed online bingo casinos and start playing right now!

We guarantee you’ll love the best bingo experience ever.



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Unibet is considered as the best platform to play online bingo games in India. The only casino in India where you’ll get a wide selection of online bingo games. Unibet also offers loyalty points each time you play bingo or mini-games in bingo rooms. You can use bingo bonus points to earn real money. You won’t be charged any money conversion charges as Indian Rupee is accepted. Participating in online bingo games can get you prizes worth thousands of rupees.

Pure Casino

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5 ways to add more fun in Bingo

Playing Online Bingo can be boring and repetitive sometimes if you are a regular player. Try using our unique and innovative tricks to add the drama and twist in your game session.

  • Try different variants of bingo games despite sticking to just one bingo version.
  • Invite your friends & families to play online bingo with you.
  • Try opting for bingo cards with (4, 21, 32, 33, 42 & 45) numbers. These numbers are considered as lucky numbers.
  • You can join bingo community to play online bingo with professionals and can raise your stakes.
  • Bingo chat is also available, so you can communicate with other available players

Tips & Tricks to Win Online Bingo

Bingo is a fun and entertaining game. Many of the players call it a pure luck game. If you are a beginner, you might have heard that Bingo is a game of luck or chance.

But, let us tell you; there are some strategies and tips that can boost your chances of winning than the rest of the participants.

  • If budget is not an issue you can buy many bingo cards to increase your odds of winning.
  • You can form a syndicate to buy a bundle of tickets online and in case you won, divide your winning amount into equal shares.
  • Keeping track of numbers is a bit difficult with multiple bingo cards so you can opt for auto daube option to not miss any number.
  • To know the bingo strategies as mentioned like Tippet and Granville.
  • Prefer the timings like early morning or late night when there is less number of participants. More the players, lesser are the chance of winning.
  • Be prepared for the game and start as early as possible to be more focussed.
  • Use bingo journals to keep the facts, rules and other important aspects about the game on a single platform.

Online Bingo Strategies

Some may call it a Game of chance or a game of luck. But there are 2 strategies that you must consider before playing bingo to increase your chances of winning.

The Granville Strategy

Josef E.Granville was a successful stock market investor who believed that bingo is more than just a game of luck only. His strategy is both logical and simple at the same time

No doubt the numbers are picked up randomly, but as per Granville there is always a pattern, and it’s possible to recognize that pattern. Let’s see how?

  • Look if there is some amount of numbers ending in 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s,5’s and so on.
  • You’ll notice the balance between odds and even ball numbers being announced.
  • A balance between low and high numbers.
The Granville Strategy

The Tippett Strategy

Another famous strategy used in online as well as traditional bingo cards.

According to this strategy, In the online bingo games sessions of short durations, mostly the numbers announced are around 1 or 75.

Whereas in long-duration bingo games; most of the times numbers around 38 i.e.the middle number are announced.

Online bingo chat

The online version of bingo also offers bingo chat game feature. This allows you to communicate with fellow players and professionals, thus adding a fun element in the game.

You can start an entertaining & funny bingo to discuss everything about the game. This chat box also has the option to send emoticons and smileys.

This chat box lets you send private messages to your friends in your private bingo chat room box.

This feature is perfect to feel like playing at traditional bingo halls.

Online bingo chat
Bingo Bucks/Bonus

Bingo Bucks/Bonus

Bingo bucks usually refer to free bingo game cards. You’ll get many chances to win Bingo bucks in the game and are credited within 24 hours in your website’s account.

You cannot withdraw these bingo bucks from your account as they are for gaming purposes only.

Bingo bonus is used only after your account is out of cash. That means you can still play bingo games. There are many bingo sites where you to deposit some cash to use bingo bucks.


Is online Bingo legal in India?

Yes! In India playing online bingo is legal as there is no such law that restricts the international gambling sites.

Can I play bingo games on my smartphone?

Yes, of course! Most of the online casino providers have optimized their software to support small screen devices and different operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS etc.

Is Bingo gambling?

Bingo is considered a light-hearted game with a soft-touch of gambling. It’s quite similar to tombola game. No doubt it’s a luck game but one should be skillful enough to know the rules, and prizes on full house lines and patterns.

What are the different types of Bingo?

You’ll find a variety of bingo available on the internet like 30-ball bingo, 75-ball, 90-ball bingo. The difference is the amount of the numbers and the associated prices.

What is Online Bingo?

Each player is allotted a ticket with numbered squares. They have to mark off the numbers on the call of the dealer. Numbers are announced randomly. To win, a player has to mark off all the numbers on the ticket before all of the participants.

Which are the best online bingo casino sites in India?

We have recommended the best bingo sites in this game guide to try your luck. Other than this you can try Tombola Bingo, Buzz Bingo, 888 Ladies Bingo, gala bingo, and Mecca Bingo.


Moving to the end, we would highly recommend playing online bingo as this game is full of fun and enticing at the same time.

The best part is bingo is inexpensive; it will hardly cost from INR 50 to 500/- for a player in India. So, we can say bingo is the best game for beginners in this online gambling industry as losses are bearable.

Save your time and money! Just pick and play bingo games on any of our listed Best bingo sites in India. All the best, we wish you’d have the best bingo experience ever!