Best Blackjack Strategies 2021

Do you know Blackjack or 21 is the only game where winning is guaranteed if you know how to apply the strategies? In this guide, we have discussed all the scientifically proven blackjack strategies. These strategies will not only enhance your winning odds but also get you an absolute victory.

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The reason why blackjack is called 21 because the simple motto of the game is to get a hand value equal to or closer to 21. Online blackjack is the best game for punters who love to use mind games.

Blackjack or 21 is the perfect combination of skills and luck together. If you think, you can rely only on luck; blackjack is not meant for you. Our guide will help you learn and memorize the blackjack strategies to play like a pro.

Ready to unveil the secret? 

Best Blackjack Strategies

The Top #5 Effective Blackjack Betting Strategies

At Proindiancasinos, we’ll discuss some of the most preferred and popular blackjack strategies that actually work. These strategies will help to predict the safest bets and increase your winning opportunities. Winning in a blackjack game depends a lot on the number of decks being used. So the purpose of these tricks is to help you know how to deal with each hand. Take a look at the best and effective blackjack strategies:

  • Basic Blackjack strategy
  • Card Counting
  • Martingale Strategy
  • Fibonacci System
  • Oscar Grind Blackjack Strategy

Before you dive in straight to learning and applying strategies; there are certain essential factors to consider:

  1. First of all, it’s important to maintain your bankroll.
  2. Set your minimum & maximum betting limit.
  3. To select the right blackjack table.
  4. Know the terminology and rules.

Let’s get into detail now!

#1. Basic Blackjack Strategy

This is known as the best blackjack strategy that aims to get a guaranteed win. If you can use it appropriately, the house edge can be lowered to 0.38% from 0.5%. This strategy will help you to make better decisions based on the cards dealt by the dealer. This strategy uses basic and simple logic to take action.

Action Description
Accept another card
Pass your turn
Option to create two hands if two initial cards are a pair.
To double the bet accepting a card by dealer.
Opt to not play further before the dealer shows his card. RTP is 50%

Following are some keys that’ll help you read the blackjack strategy chart:

  • S- Stand
  • H- Hit
  • D- Double
  • Su- Surrender
  • Sp- Split
  • Su/H- Surrender if possible else hit.
  • D/H- Double if possible else hit.
  • D/S- Double if possible else stands.

When to Hit or Stand?

Card Values Action
For hard 11 or less
For Hard 12 against a dealer 4-6
Stand otherwise Hit
For Hard 13-16 against dealer’s 2-6
Stand otherwise Hit
Hard 17 or more
For dealer’s 9,10 or Ace
Soft 17/Soft 18 or less
Soft 19 or more

When To Double?

Card Values
For Hard 9 against dealer’s 3-6
For Hard 10 against dealer’s 10 or Ace
For hard 11 ( except against Dealer’s Ace)
Soft 13/14 against dealer 5,6.
Soft 15/16 against dealer 4,6.
Soft 17/18 against dealer 3,6.

When to Split and Surrender?

Card Values
Always split 8 & Ace but never split 5 &10.
Split 2 & 3 for dealer 4-7.
Split 4 for dealer 5,6 only if allowed DAS.
Split 6 for dealer 3-6 & 2 if allowed DAS.
Split 7 for dealer 2-7.
Split 9 for dealer 2-6,8,9.
Surrender hard 16( except 8s pair) for dealer 9,10 and Ace.
Surrender hard 15 for dealer 10.

#2. Card Counting

This technique helps to determine whether the next dealt card will be beneficial for the player or the croupier/dealer. You must have noticed if you have played in casinos that the punters will suddenly increase the bets that’s because they are keeping track of the cards.

Card counting is an interesting and easy to memorize technique. Once you have learned it, you can easily keep the track of the cards. We suggest you playing online blackjack for free in demo mode to practice the card counting technique. Once you are confident enough, you can give it a real try. 

Now let’s learn how card counting actually works?

There is an equal number of High and low cards in a single deck of cards. The ratio is likely to change when the cards are dealt in few rounds of the game. So. to keep the track of dealt and undealt cards, the tags are assigned to the categorized numbers.

Numbers Tags
A,K, Q, J & 10
  • The counters tag the cards in each player’s hand including the dealer’s hand.
  • If more low cards are dealt that indicates a +ve running count. This situation favours the players. Card counters will bet more.
  • If more high cards are dealt; it indicates the  -ve running count. There are more chances of being blackjacked, this situation favours the dealers.

All you need to do is to calculate the True Count = Running Count/ Undealt Cards.

#3. Martingale Strategy

This strategy works best for live blackjack games. The strategy is based on the theory of French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy. No doubt the risk of losing money is involved as this strategy doesn’t guarantee to win. But if you think you are amongst the luckiest gamblers; martingale may bring the best results for you.

Martingale’s theory is based on the simple theory that a bettor must keep doubling his bets until he wins; no matters if he is on the losing streak. The logic is the assumption that the punter will definitely win after losing consistently.

But let us warn you, this strategy is based merely on an assumption. So it’s totally your call to go for it or leave it. To see whether it works for you or not, start with placing low wagered bets. Be prepared for the losses and know when is the right time to leave the table whether you are winning or losing.

To understand how martingale strategy works. For an instance, let say, 

Bet 1; $1 ; lost

Bet 2; $2 ; lost.

Bet 3; $4 ; lost.

Bet 4; $8; won.

That’s how it works!

#4. Fibonacci System

The best casino strategy to analyze winning odds, developed by an Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisan. It’s less aggressive than the martingale theory. It gives the best results for an even number of bets. This strategy can be applied in any of the casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette etc. Let’s see how the Fibonacci series works?

The sequence follows a pattern in infinite series preceded by zero and a 1 and a succeeding number and then numbers in the series are added by adding the two previous numbers. For example: 0,1,5,6,11,17,28……and so on.

To use it in blackjack; ignore the zero and follow the same series pattern i.e. to add the previous two bets for placing a new bet. For example:

Bet #1; $10

Bet #2; $10

Bet #3; $20

Bet #4; $30;

Bet #5; $50——and so on.

The advantage of using this strategy is that it’s easy to memorize and you can easily track by writing down your bet size each time you place the bet. So you can easily track the results; if this strategy is actually working for you or not.

The disadvantage is you have to keep raising the few early bets to get the winning streak. Also, winning is not guaranteed. There is a possibility that you might end up losing a huge amount of money.

#5. Oscar Grind Strategy

Like Martingale strategy, Oscar grind is also a progressive strategy but is far less aggressive. It works in favour of the player minimizing the losses. The bettor doesn’t need to raise the bets chasing the losses unless they are on a winning streak.

This strategy is best for compensating for some of the losses if used wisely. As per the rules of this strategy, you must stop the moment you have earned your profit. Take a look at the 3 basic rules followed by this blackjack strategy:

  • Rule 1: If you win, double your bet.
  • Rule 2: If you lose, Stick to the original bet amount. 
  • Rule 3: Earned the profit? Leave the table now!


How to win a basic blackjack strategy?

If you really want to win using a basic blackjack strategy; make sure you know the blackjack terminology. It can bring even better results if used with card counting.

Which is the best strategy to win online blackjack?

Card counting is known to be the best blackjack strategy. But it is somehow impossible in online blackjack versions as the games are really fast-paced and you’ll hardly get the time to count the dump cards and remaining cards with the players.

How to win every time in blackjack?

Try using the oscar betting blackjack strategy. It states to increase your bet every time you win and keep sticking to the same amount if you lose. In case you are on a winning streak, that’s the best time to collect money and run.

What are the different blackjack strategies?

Plenty of blackjack strategies are available online from basic blackjack strategy, counting cards, Martingale betting system, D’Alemberts theory to the Fibonacci sequence.

Is online blackjack rigged?

It depends on your choice of casino. There are plenty of rigged casinos available online with the aim of money laundering. So, always check the casino license and regulating authority before you register at any of the online casinos.

Is card counting in blackjack illegal?

Yes, there aren’t any state rules that clearly indicate that card counting is illegal. Rest it depends from casino to casino. If somehow casino has banned it, card counting is more of mind work that’s an added advantage.

Why Professional Players follow blackjack strategies?

Do you know hundreds of books have been published to reveal the secret of blackjack? Beat the dealer, blackjack attacks, Professional blackjack, and much more. Blackjack has been the most popular game for centuries and is a whole different game unlike baccarat, Roulette etc. 

Blackjack strategies can maximize the odds of winning if learned and applied with preciseness. The best method to play blackjack is to pick any of the strategies and use them while maintaining your bankroll. The blackjack strategies help you to know the possible outcome of each hand. Once you have won enough money, it’s better to leave the game. 

Our experts have explained all the strategies, tips, and tricks in this guide to win online blackjack real money. If you think you have the confidence to play like a pro, our recommended casino sites like LeoVegas, 10CRIC, Pure Casino are available 24/7. We wish you loads of luck!