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Teen Patti originated in India; is among the most loved Indian casino games. It is also known as Flash or Flush in some regions of the world.

3 Patti is quite like the Indian poker game or 3 card brag. The good news is Teen Patti is also available on App/Play stores and Live dealer version of Teen Patti is also available. let’s see what this game guide includes?

  • Best Teen Patti Casino Sites in India
  • Rules & Strategies for playing Teen Patti
  • Different variants of Teen Patti
  • Online Teen Patti Sequences
  • History of Teen Patti
  • The legal status of Teen Patti

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Online Teen Patti

How Do We Review Real Money Teen Patti?

License and Authorization

Responsible gambling

Payment Options

Good web-user interface

24/7 Customer Support

Wide range of casino games

Play Live Dealer Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti, also referred to as three-card brags is an easy game to understand. It hardly takes your few minutes to learn the real money teen Patti rules.

It follows a straightforward approach and you have to look after your cards only. It is played with a single deck of 52 cards with 3 to 7 players.

It’s the dealer who distributes 3 cards each to the players and himself in the anticlockwise direction. You have to play or fold the cards.

If you choose to play, the dealer will reveal the cards. The simple objective of live Teen Patti is to get the highest hand value to win the game.

Teen Patti Rules

Playing real money Teen Patti in online casinos is even easier than playing at land-based casinos. The player interface is available to place bets and you get instant payouts.

  • No fixed limit for betting and game rounds.
  • All the bets have to be placed before the cards are dealt with.
  • The winner in the previous game becomes the dealer in the next teen Patti game
  • Betting always starts from the left of the dealer.
  • The last player becomes the Teen Patti winner.

Teen Patti Strategies

There are no typical strategies for Teen Patti card games unlike blackjack, poker, etc. Teen Patti table is a simple card game where you have to focus on your hand value.

Though RTP is quite high and you can use the basic casino strategies like Martingale, Fibonacci, and Labouchere strategies.

You can try valuing your opposite player’s card and keep in mind to start playing with small bets. Try playing teen Patti on demo modes to get a better understanding of gambling patterns and the environment. Opting for fold cards allows you to wait for a better hand value to bet.

How To Play Teen Patti?

Once you get familiar with the rules and logic behind the game, the next step is how to play Teen Patti? We have made it simple for you!
  • Pick any of our listed teen Patti casinos.
  • Create an account and verify.
  • Make a deposit/ play teen Patti for free
  • Select Teen Patti with real money
  • Now, Play & win Teen Patti

Teen Patti Payment Options

At Prodesicasinos, we have only listed the casinos with reliable and convenient cash deposit/withdrawal options.

All the payment methods use SSL encryption technology to protect their player’s data from third-party sources.

You won’t be charged any money conversion charges to play teen Patti with real money as Indian currency is accepted. Plenty of payment options are available like Master/visa card, local bank transfer and e-wallets etc.

let’s discuss some of the widely used digital methods for Teen Patti!



This is the most known and preferred e-payment method by Indian Players. You can make instant money transfer directly into your account or your Paytm wallet through your linked bank account.



UPI is regulated by RBI and is a popular instant payment method. This method allows for transferring money from one bank account to another through your registered mobile phone.



You can shop online, buy gold, shop online, etc. This method is safe, easy, and approves immediate transactions. Doorstep delivery is also available for grocery, medicine, and food orders.

G Pay


This method doesn’t take any extra charges to transfer your funds. Whether it’s online shopping, electricity bills, or recharging etc; It is most convenient and trusted payment option.

You can also download the official real money teen patti apps on your mobiles for above-mentioned methods. They are already available in Play stores/ App stores.

Live Dealer Teen Patti

Playing live Teen Patti is full of fun and entertainment. Instead of playing with a dummy dealer, you get to interact with the live dealer and players on the casino table.

All you need is a stable internet connection for the lag-free live Teen-Patti session. This version allows you to communicate with the dealer through the chat window or webcam.

Generally, Live dealers are available from real land-based casinos or through live casino studios. Be careful and try to keep a record of total dealt cards and discarded cards to avoid losses.

Online RNG-Teen Patti

This version uses random number generation(RNG) technology. Cards are drawn randomly, so only fair game sessions are conducted.

The time slot is fixed for each player. So make sure to place your bet within the allotted time else you’ll miss your turn.

Player Interface is available on your device’s screen to place bets. You can set your betting limit before the game starts. A deal button is there in case you want to end the Teen Patti game.

Mobile Teen Patti

It’s just a click away! Many casino operators have launched their casino apps and dedicated real money Teen Patti apps to connect mobile users to the online gambling industry.

You can also access these casinos browsing through your mobiles, as all the teen Patti casino sites or apps supports different operating systems like iOS, Android & Windows.

Only a reliable internet connection is required and you are ready to play and win. You can opt for JIO, airtel, or Vodafone network providers for smooth gameplay.

How To Play Blind/Seen Teen Patti game?

Teen Patti can be played as seen or blind. In the blind version, your bet must match or should be double that of the previous player of the blind version

In case the previous player has played the seen version, then your bet should either match or should be the half of that player.

To play the seen or Chaal version of teen Patti for cash, your bet should be double or quadruple of the previous player.

There are many online casinos available on the web where you can try these versions. But before you invest your real money, make sure these casinos are genuine and trusted.

Always check the ratings and reviews on google. To confirm if a site is genuine or rigged you can check the license of the website or contact customer support.

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti is the derived version of Poker that is an advantage for game developers to create its different variations. Plenty of teen Patti variations are available.

It’s better to get a deck of cards and try it with your friend to understand the selected teen Patti variant.

Some of them are very easy while others are hard to understand. Let’s discuss some of the popular versions!

Sudden Death

In this version, a single deck of 52 cards is used and up to 7 players can take part. Cards are distributed equally to each player.

All players will drop their cards one by one in the centre of the table. And, suddenly any player can shout to stop.

Once the game has stopped, players will take out the highest card from their leftover cards in

The player with the least card value will be out and the game continues until one of them wins the game.

Rotating Jokers

One of the interesting teen Patti games online. The dealer will distribute 3 cards to each player. Players have to show one card open and two cards closed.

The open card becomes the private joker of the player and can have any value. If the player chose to fold instead of play, the open card becomes the joker for the rest of the players.

In such a case, no other player is allowed to use their joker card.

Kissing Missing

Four cards are dealt with all the participants and two of the cards has to be chosen to make one joker. Thus each player will have 3 cards i.e. a joker and two normal cards.

The joker can be either called Kissing or Missing. For a kissing joker, a pair of any numbers is required whereas two alternate numbers can be used to create a missing joker.

In case you are unable to create any joker, you have to discard a card to get three normal cards.

Teen Patti Sequences

The sequences in teen Patti can help you get a better hand value and thus increases your odds of winning.

It’s better to know the teen Patti sequences to improve your skills before the game starts.


Trio (Three of a Kind)

It means all the 3 cards should be of the same rank. Three A’s are highest whereas three 2’s are the lowest.



Also referred to as a normal run. If 3 cards are consecutive and of different suits.Eg: 2-3-4 of different suits

Straight Flush

Straight Flush

if 3 cards form a proper sequence and belong to the same suit(heart, spade, diamond or club). Eg: A-K-Q of the spade.


Also called as two of a kind. The two of 3 cards should be of the same rank.


If 3 cards belong to the same suit but don’t form a sequence. Eg: KQ10 of the same suit.

High Card

High Card

if 3 cards are of mixed card values and do not fit in the above-mentioned categories.

History Of Teen Patti

Gambling has been a part of rich Indian cultures since ancient times. We can also see the evidence in Ramayana and Mahabharat.

Though Teen Patti is said to be originated in India; it looks more like a derived version of 3 card brag or poker game from the UK.

Teen Patti has managed to gain immense popularity in a few years and is counted among the most entertaining casino games for Indian players.

Real money teen patti is also played in a festival season with family and friends as a part of the tradition. Online casinos in India earn a lot of profit during festive seasons.


Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated on Janmashtami. So most of the Indians show their gratitude and love by fasting on this day.

So, to distract themselves from hunger and keep them engaged in other activities people love to gamble online or in their houses.


There is a belief that Parvati and lord shiva played dice on this day and declared whosoever will gamble on this auspicious day.

They will be blessed to have a better financial status. So Indians love to gamble on this day with their families and relatives within their own houses.

Social Teen Patti

Teen Patti is more of a social game and is played with family and friends like rummy or poker.

A pot is placed in the centre of the table where every player adds their betting amount.

It is a simple card game that focuses on getting a higher hand value than all other participants. It is played until two players are left around the table.

The one with high card values will win the game and collect all the money from the pot. To play Social Teenpatthi, you can download the app like Teen Patti gold and Teen Patti by Octro.

Teen Patti Game Providers

Unlike roulette, blackjack, and other casino games; you will find limited online casinos for Teen Patti. The reason; as we mentioned earlier Patti is an Indian classic game and not so popular on international platforms.

Watching the interest of Indian players, many game developer companies have launched Indian classic games like Andar bahar, teen Patti and Jhandi Munda to entertain desi players.



Ezugi is known as the pioneers of casino gaming solutions. Almost every casino game from local to international is available on Ezugi platform. You can place live bets on teen Patti tables & enjoy different variants like live Teen Patti, regular Teen Patti, etc. You can also try the demo versions without spending any money.

Super spade

Super spade offers a safe and unique gaming experience. They know how to entertain every category of players from desi to international players. Besides from classic Teen Patti tables, regular live teen Patti 20-20; you’ll also get to play other games like poker, Andar bahar, baccarat, and other casino games.

One Touch

One Touch

They provide the best gambling experience for desktops/smartphones/tablets etc. Some of their exclusive teen Patti versions are teen patti live, teen Patti gold and teen Patti Octro. The best platform to try a wide range of casino games in demo modes. You won’t be charged any single penny.

The Legal Status Of Teen Patti

As per gambling laws of India PGA 1867, Teen Patti is a game of chance. That means it is illegal to play this game at land-based casinos.

The government has allowed the states to plan/ break laws within their state boundaries. So, legal Teen Patti can be found in some of the states like Goa and Sikkim.

But this law has not mentioned anywhere about online casinos so playing teen Patti and any other casino games at international sites are completely legal. Let’s see the rules of the different states!

Delhi Map




Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh




Moving to the end, we’ll say teen Patti is a simple card game. If you are strategic and smart enough to keep track of the cards, you can win the game.

Live teen Patti adds an extra fun element and allows you to place live bets on teen Patti with real money. Whereas the RNG version of Teen Patti lets you play the game for free.

We advise you to check the casino thoroughly before you register on the site and make a deposit. Not every casino that claims to be the best is the genuine one.

Check the license and read reviews. First-time users can try to play teen Patti for free to get a better understanding of the rules and gambling environment. That’s all, we wish you to win each time you play!