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Play 3 Patti Online in India

Play Teen Patti (Indian Poker) at our expert’s recommended real money casinos accepting Indian currency. Pro desi casinos bring you the best betting platforms to place live bets on 3 Patti. This article reveals how to bet on online 3 Patti games and earn huge profits. Teen Patti is an exciting, fast, and simple card game that can help you win 1000x your original stake. Stay tuned!

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Play 3 Patti Real cash games!

Are you looking for the best platforms to play online teen Patti? 3 Patti is one of the original and popular games of India played during many festivals. Basically, Teen Patti is the desi version of online poker.

Read our 3 Patti online game guide to know how to play teen Patti, online 3 Patti rules, different teen Patti variations, and 3 Patti hand rankings to earn real money. 

Playing 3 Patti real cash games at our recommended online casinos or Teen Patti Apps gives you the best experience. Check out the best 3 Patti sites that offer generous welcome bonuses & instant payouts.

🎰 Table of Contents

let’s see what this game guide includes?

  • Best Real Money Teen Patti Casinos
  • What is 3 Patti real cash game?
  • Is it legal to play Teen Patti in India?
  • How we choose the best 3 Patti casinos?
  • 3 Patti Rules
  • How to play 3 Patti Real Cash games?
  • 3 Patti Online Hand Rankings
  • Some Popular 3 Patti Variations

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What is 3 Patti real cash game?

Teen Patti is a Hindi slang. Teen represents 3 whereas Patti refers to the cards. As the name suggests 3 Patti is about getting the best three-card hand value. Teen Patti gameplay, 3 Patti rules, and 3 Patti sequence are quite similar to poker. Only a single player can win the pot money in this highly competitive card game.

Different names of 3 Patti in other countries

⚖️ Is it legal to play Teen Patti in India?

Yes, it is completely safe and legal to play the Teen Patti game in India!. The online 3 Patti players need to make sure:

  • Casino sites are licensed and based out of India.
  • It accepts Indian currency and follows FEMA.

Although online 3 Patti is more of a game of skill than chance. Still, it is considered a game of luck according to Indian gaming law( PGA 1867).

That’s why our experts have got you covered the best 3 Patti sites in India that feature a variety of 3 Patti online games, huge welcome bonuses, and reliable Indian payment methods.

As Indian gambling laws & ITA2000 don’t hold any control over foreign-based gambling sites, it’s 100% legal to place bets on our recommended sites. For more details, you can read the betway, fun 88, or 10CRIC review!

How we choose the best 3 Patti casinos?

Our experts at carefully rank and review each teen Patti site before listing it on our platform. We make sure our desi punters get the best online betting experience. Below is our selection criteria that we follow to analyze and thoroughly review the casinos:

License & Authority

The most crucial factor to look for in the  online 3 Patti casino site is its license and regulation authority. We make sure the site is licensed by top gaming authorities like MGA, Curacao, UKGC, etc. 

Teen Patti Bonuses & Promotions

The extra cash received at our 3 Patti sites can increase your winning possibilities. It includes a first deposit bonus. No deposit bonus, reload bonus, or other promo offers.

Diverse Payment methods

The gambling sites must offer reliable and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. The online punters can easily pay with PayPal, or Paytm, G-Pay, Phone Pe, etc. All the payment modes should use SSL-encrypted technology for secure online transactions.

A great selection of 3 Patti online games

The players must be able to access the different teen Patti variations like Muflis, Joker, Ak47, Banko, and so on.

Live Teen Patti tables

Live dealer 3 Patti online game is way more engaging, exciting, and fun to play. A betting site must offer this unique feature to entertain our Indian audience.

Teen Patti Apps

Fortunately, you can easily download the apps on your iOS/Android devices. All our verified Teen Patti gambling sites offer free download apps for mobile users.

Note: To make sure, our Indian punters can enjoy making hassle-free payments, we have only listed the google pay casinos. So, you can easily transfer or receive the funds on a single click.
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3 Patti Rules

Once you get familiar with the rules and logic behind the game, the next step is how to play Teen Patti? We have made it simple for you!

  • Each player on the Teen Patti table is dealt with three face-down cards by the dealer.
  • The player sitting at the button position gets to become the dealer and is randomly chosen in the first 3 Patti online game round.
  • once the cards are distributed, the player sitting to the left most of the dealer has to start the betting round in the clockwise direction.
  • Each player on the teen Patti table can choose to play or fold the cards as per their hand values.
  • Unlimited betting rounds can take place until a single 3 Patti player with the highest hand value wins the pot money.

Boot amount/ Ante Bet

It is the minimum bet that every Teen Patti player has to place in the center of the table at the beginning of every 3 Patti online game round. Once done, the player will be dealt with 3 face-down cards by the dealer.

Betting in Teen Patti (BLIND or SEEN)

As we discussed, players can choose to play or fold the card. In this section, we’ll discuss how can they play with their cards? 

3 Patti players have the option to play seen or blind in the whole game. That simply means they can choose to place bets after seeing or not seeing their cards. Blind players usually have more advantages than seen players.

The betting amount also differs for the blind and seen players. The first player that bets on the teen Patti table have to place the bet equal to the current stake.

Current Stake= Ante/Boot money

When you play Blind

  • If the player before you is also playing blind, the bet size should be double or equal to the current stake.
  • if the player before you is a ‘seen player’, the bet size should be equal or half the current stake.
Imp: A blind player can request the other player for the show if he agrees.

When you play Seen/Chaal

  • If the player before you is also a seen player, the bet size should be double the current stake.
  • In case it is a blind player, place the bet twice or four times the current stake.
Important: A seen player can only request the other player for a Side Show.

✅ What is Side Show in Teen Patti?

A sideshow is a kind of request or compromise made to the Seen players who are playing on the table after wagering for twice the current stake. It’s up to the other player to accept or reject the request.

If the request is accepted, both the players will compare the cards. The one with a low card value has to fold the cards. In the scenarios when both have the same hand rankings, the one who requested the sideshow folds the cards. Otherwise, the betting continues.

How to play 3 Patti Real Cash games?

Now, you know the 3 patti rules, teen Patti hand rankings, and betting options. Playing teen Patti is the easiest thing to do once you have found your favorite teen Patti casino or Teen Patti App. To make this 3 patti online game more interesting, you can invite your friends to join the virtual or live teen Patti table.

Follow the simple steps below to play online 3 Patti in a few minutes:

So, how to place bets in 3 Patti game online?

Placing bets on the teen Patti table is quite simple. A player only needs to hit the ‘bet button’. The system will automatically calculate the bet size you need to wager.

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3 Patti Online Hand Rankings

Also referred to as Teen Patti Sequence, these hand rankings represent the winning combinations. Each hand ranking rewards you with different payouts. Let’s discuss some of the most popular sequences in 3 Patti games!

  • Pair : If the player has two of the three cards with the same rank. Example:2,2, JJ, etc.
  • Straight Flush / Pure Sequence : When a player has three consecutive cards of the same suit. Example: AKQ, KQJ, etc.
  • Flush : When a player has three cards of the same suit in the 3 Patti game. For example, AKJ, 5 6 9, etc.
  • Three Of A Kind /Trio/ Trial : If a player has all three cards of the same rank. Example: AAA, 444.
  • Straight / Normal Run sequence: If the player has three consecutive cards but from different suits. Example: 2,3,4 of club, spade, and sparrow.
  • High Card: The cards don’t form any sequence but the player with the highest hand ranking is considered the winner. Example: AKJ of any suit is the best hand while 2,3,5 is the worst combination to win.

Some Popular 3 Patti Variations

You’ll find hundreds of 3 Patti online game variations on different gambling sites. Some may differ in terms of payouts, 3 Patti rules, while others may use different hand ranking. So, before you try your hands at any 3 Patti online game, it’s better to know the online 3 patti rules, and betting options. So, presenting you some of the most played 3 Patti online games!

Wild Draw

In this 3 Patti online game version, the dealer draws one random card (wild card) from the remaining deck of cards and nominates all the players with the card of the same rank.


Each player gets a  mix of face-up and face-down cards in this unique 3 Patti online game. The face-down cards are referred to as hole cards while face-ups are street cards.


The extreme opposite of a real 3 Patti online game. The players are dealt with 4 cards instead of 3. They can discard anyone to get the best hand ranking, The twist is one with the lowest hand running wins the game.


In this interesting 3 Patti online game, the player with card values A, K, 4, or 7  wins the game. Rest the 3 patti rules, hand ranking remains the same.


The players are dealt with incomplete face-down cards in this 3 patti online game. To make the best three-hand value the 3 Patti players can pick any of the several face-up community cards.

FAQS about playing Teen Patti

Plenty of casinos and 3 Patti sites are available online where you can bet and win lots of money sitting at home. Our experts have shortlisted some of the best teen Patti casinos for Indian players. To name a few:

Betway, Fun88, and 10 CRIC, Pure Casino are our experts’ top recommendations. For more options, you can check our 3 Patti online game guide!

Different teen Patti variations are available on our recommended sites like betway,  10CRIC, etc. some of the best 3 Patti online games that you must try are:

  • Teen Patti Poker
  • Real Teen Patti
  • Bollywood Teen Patti
  • Junglee 3D Teen Patti
  • Teen Patti Slots and many others.

Yes, the good news is many gambling sites like Leo Vegas, Luckyniki, 10CRIC offer free Teen Patti gameplays in demo versions. It is the most effective way to learn the online 3 Patti rules, know 3 Patti Sequence, and different betting options. 

We have listed the highly rated top 3 Patti sites where you can play teen Patti for real money. You can play virtual or live teen Patti, it’s totally up to you. Check our list of Top#5 Teen Patti casinos in India:

  1. Betway
  2. LeoVegas
  3. 10CRIC
  4. Lucky Niki
  5. Fun88

Join today to get the best welcome offers, reliable payment methods, and instant cashouts.

Check below the easy teen Patti strategies that may not guarantee your win but can surely increase your winning odds:

  1. Try Teen Patti free gameplays to know the 3 patti rules, hand rankings etc.
  2. Never forget to claim your welcome bonuses.
  3. Always start with low-value bets.
  4. Learn to manage your bankroll.
  5. Playing blind has many benefits over the seen.
  6. No cards are bad cards in Teen Patti 
  7. Whenever possible, Request Sideshows.
  8. Keep observing the 3 Patti online game even if you choose to fold.

For the best live teen Patti betting experience, you can register at India’s best live betting platforms like 10CRIC, LeoVegas, and Fun88. Or, free download the teen Patti apps on your iOS and Android devices.

Teen Patti apps like Betway, 10CRIC, LeoVegas not only enhance the online betting experience but also offer exclusive welcome bonuses and promotional offers. Plus, you can start playing your favorite 3 Patti game online anytime & anywhere! 

Ready to Play 3 Patti Real Cash Games?

To win or lose in teen Patti depends more on your skills. Trying predictions can impact your winning chances. So, use this informative teen Patti guide to know everything from 3 Patti rules to winning strategies. 

Teen Patti is not a cakewalk! We suggest you play teen Patti for free a few times before you use real money. Still confused, which online casino to join? Quickly browse our list of #5 best 3 Patti sites in India!

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5 Best Teen Patti Casinos In India