Bet On The Best Horse Racing Sites 2021

Do you know Horse racing is the only legal sport in India? Yes, you heard it right!

Whether it’s offline or online betting; you can place bets freely without any fear of legal repercussions. The reason is India still relies on the public gaming act,1867 and the IT act 2000. As per this law, all types of games based on luck are strictly prohibited whereas horse racing is a game of skill.

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Thanks to this digital area of smartphones and the Internet that has brought sports betting, casino games on the online platform. Online betting on different sports games is growing rapidly every passing year. 

The best part is not just these sites offer the best odds but are also safe and convenient for Punters. So, relax! Select your favourite horse and enjoy betting without leaving your home.

On this page, we have explained the best horse betting sites (accepts INR), competitive odds, Horse betting market and popular horse betting tournaments. 

Keep reading!

Know the Horse Race Terminology

Blinkers/ BlindersThese are the cup-shaped devices used to cover the eyes of horses to get more focus.
ColtSlang for a male horse.
Daily DoubleTo predict the winners of two consecutive races.
FurlongA unit to measure distance. (1 furlong=1/8th of a mile).
ExactaBet placed on the winner and runner up.
FillySlang for a female horse.
GeldingSlang used for a Sterilized male horse.
Gradeit refers to the quality of horses. Grade 1 race indicates the best quality of horses.
HandicapAdding weight to the quality horses to match the level of race.
Harness RacingIt refers to the jockeys on the back portion of the horses.
OTBIt means off-track betting; that means placing bets on a venue that hosts the racing event.
Post PositionHorse’s placement at the beginning of the stalls.
Pari-MutuelIt refers to pooled or syndicate bets. Payouts are shared as per the contribution percentage.
PlaceBet is placed on a horse predicting whether it will be first or runner up.
Pick 6This bet is placed on an almost full race card covering 3 to 4 races.
PurseIt refers to the certain amount fixed for a race.
ShowThe term used for a winning bet for Top 3 positions.
SimulcastThe live streaming of horse races displayed on screens at racetracks around the country.
SuperfectaBet with high winning payouts and is placed on top 4 finishers.
TrottingA racing form in which horses’ legs move in diagonal pairs.
Triple CrownBet placed on the horse that has earlier won Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes in the same year.
TrifectaThe bet is placed on prediction for Top 3 finishers in the right order.
Win betThe best and safest horse racing bet where you have to predict the winner.

Different Horse Racing Events in India

Horse racing is among the oldest traditional sports of India and is played as a status symbol by royal families of India. There are various Turf-clubs in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.

Plenty of horse racing events are organized every year in various turf clubs of India. Take a look at some of the popular horse racing events in India!

Indian Derby Betting​

Indian Derby Betting

Estd. in 1943, the Indian derby is the grand horse racing event of the nation. It is organized on the first Sunday of every February in Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi racecourse. Only young colts and Fillies of age up to 4 years are allowed to participate in this event.

Indian 2000 Guineas Betting

Indian 1000 Guineas Betting

It’s a desi version of 1000 guineas that offers great odds. This event organizes races for fillies up to 3 years of age. It is conducted in December of every year. Best for the real owners of the horses who earn lots of money every year.

Indian 2000 Guineas Betting

Indian 2000 Guineas Betting

In this version of guineas’ race, both the colts and fillies are allowed to race. The age limit is 3 years like the 1000 guineas event. This event is also organized in Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi racecourse.

1000 Guineas Stakes​

1000 Guineas Stakes

Estd. in 1814, this race is contested by 3-year-old fillies and is almost similar to 2000 guineas stakes. It is organized at a newmarket racecourse covering 1600m distance. The reason it is known as 1000 guineas is that the winning horse is rewarded with 1000 guineas.

2000 Guineas Stakes​

2000 Guineas Stakes

This British horse race is the biggest horse betting affair that was first conducted in 1809. The most preferred and played horse racing event. It is held at the end of April or May at a newmarket racecourse. The race is contested by 3-year-old fillies and thoroughbreds. Thoroughbreds are called hot-blooded breeds.

India’s Best HORSE RACING Tracks

Bangalore Turf Club
Bangalore Turf Club
Royal Calcutta Turf Club
Royal Calcutta Turf Club
Mysore Race Club
Mysore Race Club
Hyderabad Race Club
Hyderabad Race Club
Madras Race Club
Madras Race Club
Delhi Race Club
Delhi Race Club
Royal Western India Turf Club
Royal Western India Turf Club

How to choose the best horse racing betting site?

It’s important to consider a few factors before you place bets on any random horse racing. Several betting sites are available online and it becomes hard to differentiate between the fake and original sites. 

To make it easier for our Indian players; our experts have shortlisted some of the leading and genuine horse betting sites only after self-testing and analysis. Take a look at the criteria we followed to check our recommended sites!

  • Legal and Licensed
  • Accepts Indian Currency(INR)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Wide horse betting market
  • Diverse payment options.
  • Competitive odds & Lines
  • Welcome Bonuses & loyalty programs
  • User-Interface & Smooth navigation

How to bet on Horse racing?

To make you understand, we have described the step by step sign up and betting process of Betway. It’s easy and will hardly take 5-10 minutes to place the bet. Let’s start!

Step 1: Sign up/Register on your favourite horse betting site.

Step 2: Choose your odds and bet type.

Step 3: Confirm the amount on your Bet Slip.

Step 4: Deposit via convenient payment options.

Most Popular Live Horse-Racing Bets

Super Jackpot

You must predict right the winners of all the 6 races to win the super jackpot. Even if you lost in a single race, you’ll only get the consolation reward.


To win the jackpot, you must bet on the five races of the race card. In case you lost the bet on the last race, you’ll be rewarded with the consolation prize.

Shp(Second horse Pool)

The bet is placed on a runner-up horse in a single race. Even if the horse wins or comes to 3rd position, you are likely to lose the bet.


Bet is placed on prediction based on the first two finishers of a single race in the right order.


Almost similar to Quinella, the bet has to be placed on two choices that may win in either order.

Win Bet

The wager is placed on a particular horse that will win in a single race. The minimum value of bet starts from INR 10/-


The bet has to be placed on the first 3 finishers in case there are 8-11 runners. Otherwise, it pays up to one or two positions.

Some Special Bets for Indian Horse Races

  • Accumulator Bet: A multi-race bet where a win or place bet is placed on a single horse in several races. If the bettor won in the first choice, the winnings are rolled over to the next selection until all the races are finished. In case you missed even a single race, the bet is lost.
  • Bar Bet: A new and interesting bet that is placed on the favourite horse to lose in a single race.
  • Jodi: Bet is placed on two horses that’ll win in a single race. You’ll get a payout if either of the horses won the game.
  • Kenchi: The wager is placed on winners of horse betting on a minimum of 3 to 5 races. It requires at least 2 right predictions to get the payout.
  • Tanala: Three bets are placed on the top 3 positions in the correct order. In case the order is reversed, the bettors will get the consolation dividend.
  • Treble: The wager is placed on the winning horses of 3 races. All the 3 betting horses must win to get the payouts.

Horse betting apps

There is no need to wait any more just to place bets from desktops/laptops. In this age of advanced technology, when everything is just a click away, betting has also made its way.

Whether it’s horse betting, cricket betting or any other sport, the apps are available now to place instant bets. All you need is 4G/5G internet and a smartphone.

Our experts have self-tested these apps and analyzed the betting experience. And, the best thing is the horse betting apps are equally reliable and smooth to navigate with the same features as you’ll get on the desktop version. Look at the factors below that we considered while testing these apps:

  • Smooth Navigation.
  • The Player-user interface is available.
  • Live Horse Race Betting 
  • Live Chat window is available.
  • Easy to place bets and make deposits
  • The equal number of Betting & payment options.

Horse racing odds and picks

Winning in horse racing depends more on your skills. If you know the basics, betting options and past performances etc; it surely increases your odds of winning. It’s all about Picking a top-quality horse and placing bets according to race grades. Odds represents a certain amount of money stacked on a particular horse. The horse racing odds can be defined as positive or negative. Let say odds 6:1 stats that you’ll be offered 6$ for every 1$ stake. How to get favourable and high horse race betting Odds?
  • Place the safest bets like win, show and place with huge payouts. The chances of winning are far better.
  • Go through the statistics details, databases of past performances (horses and finishers).
  • Shop around for best odds on 2-3 horse betting sites.

Winning strategies for Horse Race betting

  • #1. Always check the health parameters and past performance of the horse you are betting on.
  • #2. Know your race track. All the race tracks are different.
  • #3. Do not bet against the professional owners; if you are a beginner.
  • #4. Try to form a mathematical equation to know profit/loss based on odds.
  • #5. Do well research on jockey experience of the track.
  • #6. To know the safest bets, payouts and grades of races.


Which is the best online horse betting site in India?

Plenty of sites are available for online horse racing. Visit Bet365, Betway, LeoVegas, Royal Panda etc. are some of the best horse betting sites. Rest it depends on your preferences whether you are looking for more horses or competitive odds.

Which is the best and safest bet in horse racing?

The win bet is known to be the best bet in horse racing for beginners. Always keep in mind that avoid betting on two or more horses in the same race.

Is online horse race betting legal?

Yes, horse race betting is 100% safe and legal in India. Horse betting is a game of skill, not luck. According to Indian gambling laws, horse betting in India is legal whether it’s offline or online.

Which is the best site for horse betting tips & prediction?

Bet365 is the best option for free horse betting tips and prediction. Also, new users are rewarded with great welcome bonuses, free bets and other promotional offers.

Can I bet on all horses?

No, that’s not possible. As online bookies have to maintain a %age to bear market fluctuations. But you may bet on 2 or 3 horses if you wish to do that.

How can I earn real money from horse racing?

A fixed amount of money is allotted to each race called a purse. You have to bet on your favourite horse. It’s important to know the past performance of the horse and the finishers. Another strategy is to shop around for competitive odds on different sites. Last but not least; be certain about your choice of the betting site.

Wrapping up!

Horse betting is a game of skill, so there is nothing to worry about its legal status. One can freely place bets on horse racing. The Internet has made it possible now that Indian punters can participate in national derby’s to America’s Kentucky derby, England St. Leger and much more. 

This horse betting guide contains every information that is essential for horse racing bettors before putting stacks. Looking for some best horse betting sites? Well, there is no need to waste your precious time searching through different races and tracks.

Visit our recommended betting sites like Betway, LeoVegas, Dafabet and 10CRIC etc. that not only provides bonuses & promotions but also a huge horse race betting market.